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Welcome to the EPOEM books.

E’-POEM book is the exchange journal for all ages!  
This book will:
-       Encourage everyone to develop penmanship.
-       Find out about your children's concerns and how they are feeling
-       Provide a subject to open dialog 
-       Nurture imagination and creativity of children
-       Be a memory book

How it works:
Give this book to your child. Your child will start the first entry.
On the left side of the page, there is a short poem.  Your child can draw a picture inspired by the poem, or draw whatever in his/her head. We suggest giving coloring pencils along with this E’Poem book, so they may color their drawings.

E'Poems can be a great scrap book.  Use it to save memorabilia! Post museum or movie tickets, or an article you liked, or even a leaf you found in your yard.

On the right hand page, your child can make a regular journal entry, stream of consciousness, or write a story about the picture they just drew.

After they are done, it’s the big kids’ (mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, teacher or friend) turn.  On the right hand page, they will write what they think of the poem, the drawing, or whatever comes to mind.
We hope this journal will help kids of all ages and their parents to communicate, provide a catalyst for intimacy, and simply get to know each other a little bit more. It will also provide "big kids" a little time to stop and communicate with the children and each other.



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